Riches is an exclusive collection of 2222 badass druglords living on the Solana Blockchain! We hope to thrive in the NFT space, providing exponential value to holders both short and long term.

Owning a Rich comes with owner exclusive advantages alongside a future voting system to ensure all Riches have a voice!

If you “Join The Riches” you can expect to look forward to our “RICH RUN” game which will be uploaded to the app store both playable on mobile and browser! Along with our unique tokenomics system to ensure all Riches are paid their weekly salary! We have designed “RICH RUN” to be addictive, enjoyable and something you will look forward to playing! The RICH RUN demo will be playable before Mint!


  • Host Competitions via “Rich Run” Game Demo
  • Rich Run game Demo Leaderboards resets Weekly (Highest Scores are Rewarded)
  • Begin Auctioning of Custom 1:1 (10/10 Total)
  • Implementation of Exclusive Riches Gang Group (Biggest Degen’s)
  • Staking/Tokenomics System Generates Passive Income for Holders
  • Each Ostrich will Generate 30 $RICHES Daily
  • Lottery Ticket System Implemented
  • $RICHES Token Listed to Exchanges (Utility)
  • 10 Lottery Tickets Airdropped Weekly to Staked NFTs
  • If you are fortunate Enough to get 1 Lottery Ticket, You will be awarded $500 $RICHES
  • Rich Chic’s Introduced
  • You will need 1300 $RICHES to Receive “Rich Chic’s” Collection
  • Rich Chic’s Generate 50% More $RICHES Per Day
  • Riches Collectibles
  • Completing Full “RICH RUN” Game
  • Multiple Levels/Stages & Objectives Implemented
  • Collaborating with Established Projects Implementing their NFTs into “RICH RUN”
  • Utility Tokens added via “RICH RUN” Game
  • Riches will come to life in the Metaverse (Roadmap 2.0)

Token Supply & Royalty Distribution


The Enforcer

Project Director, Strategy Analyst Community Management

Don Carlo Rich

Marketer, Community Management


Blockchain Dev


Assist Dev & Game Developer


What is the mint price of a Ostrich?


What will be the total supply of Ostriches?

2222 Total Supply

Which wallets can be used for Mint?

Phantom wallet & Sollet

Where can i purchase a Ostrich after Mint?

You will be able to purchase a Ostrich on the selected marketplaces

When Mint?

12th March 23:00 UTC.